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Modern Maker Method - Live Course 2023

I am a graduate of Heirloom Island's Modern Maker Method Course. As you may hear Julieanne Steedman herself say, it was Brilliant! This course helped me continue to successfully build my handmade business. It gave me much needed and very useful planning tools (which I still go back to on the regular!), helped me continue to focus on my niche and my products, it gave me a supportive creative community, and created a sense of accountability. I am seriously considering going for round two! It is a 9 week course complete with amazing materials, weekly zoom chats, guest lectures and perr groups! I am proud to say that I am an affiliate and would be so excited for you to invest in yourself and your business by joining too!

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FREE Mini Course - Your Handmade Biz 101

Julieanne, of Heirloom Island, is also launching a FREE week-long mini-course to give you a taste of what you will receive. In this four-part series she is going to walk you through the secrets to success with your handmade business: how to take your lovely handmade goods and get started running it as a successful side hustle, or a full-fledged career! You'll also get a real look at what you can expect in the MMM Live course! I can't wait! hope you'll join me!

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Quilt Pattern Writing Course

I am a graduate of Elizabeth Chappell's Quilt Pattern Writing Course (quilter's Candy). It was a game changer for me and really allowed me to grow my product offerings. Although it says quilt pattern writing in the title, I applied everything I learned to bag making - so it is definitely applicable to more than just quilts. She recently had another course in the Fall of 2022 and I was an affiliate and small group leader. It was a blast and I still chat regularly with my group members. I am happy to call them friends - and quilty friends at that! How lucky am I! If you have any questions at all about the course, feel free to email me!

Quilt Pattern Templates

Elizabeth, of Quilter's Candy, has also put together a very handy set of templates you can use in Canva. These will save you lots of time and you can use and apply them in the course described above!

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Quilter's Candy Membership

Elizabeth also has a membership which is super fun - you get free patterns, tutorials, and access to a super supportive and educational community of quilter's.

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