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Quilt Pattern Writing Course

I am a graduate of Elizabeth Chappell's Quilt Pattern Writing Course (quilter's Candy). It was a game changer for me and really allowed me to grow my product offerings. Although it says quilt pattern writing in the title, I applied everything I learned to bag making - so it is definitely applicable to more than just quilts. She has another course coming up in the Fall of 2022 and I am affiliate. I will also be involved as a small group leader this year and I am so excited! If you have any questions at all, feel free to email me!

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Quilt Pattern Templates

Elizabeth has also put together a very handy set of templates you can use in Canva. These will save you lots of time and you can use and apply them in the course described above!

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Quilter's Candy Membership

Elizabeth also has a membership which is super fun - you get free patterns, tutorials, and access to a super supportive and educational community of quilter's.

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