About Me

Hi there! 

I am Shevaun Corey (of Sew Shevaun) and I have been making zippered pouches and bags for almost 9 years (which means I have sewn a LOT of zippers). A zippered pouch was the second thing I have ever sewn. I took a class at a local quilt shop and the rest has been history!

I have always loved small pouches and bags. I love changing them out with the seasons (or my mood) and I love having different bags to organize different things. As soon as I realized I could make my own using fabrics I loved from modern fabric designers I was hooked.

I made lots of pouches for myself (and my son for all his toys and art supplies) and then others started asking me to make some for them. I am relatively self taught after that first class and now I am designing my own patterns (thanks in large part to Elizabeth Chappell's Quilt Pattern Writing course - it’s good for more than just quilts!). 

I love sewing, quilting, and cross stitching, so a lot of my bags are made with the maker and crafter in mind. Project bags are my jam - they are perfect for storing and organizing your supplies and taking your makes on the go!

Picture of Shevaun smiling in front of a brick wall. She has shoulder length curly hair, glasses and is wearing a white t shirt and grey scarf.